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Discuss Your Case With Personal Injury Lawyer In Coquitlam Before Negotiating

It is evident that the consequences of your personal injury claim case will not be known to you for sure being a layman in this field. It is for this reason that you must discuss your case with a Personal Injury Lawyer Coquitlam that is experienced with the case proceedings that involves settlement negotiations, with the insurance company primarily. Most of the personal injury cases are settled out of the court, through this informal process provided you know how to go about it. The proficient injury lawyer will guide you through the process and tell you what to do and what not to do.

Deny Recorded Statements

It may be that the insurance company will ask you to provide a recorded statement during settlement negotiation. You must inform your Personal Injury Lawyer in Coquitlam for such demand and politely refuse to give any recorded statements to the insurance company no matter however the claims adjusters push you to give such a tape recorded statement. They will suggest that such recorded statement will protect you in the future course of action. Remember you can deny having any such conversation recorded as it is not mandatory by law. In fact, it is against the law for the adjuster to record your statement without your permission.

The Reason Behind

There are ample reasons behind your refusal to be recorded. The most common reason is that when you are recorded you tend to become tensed and forget important things to say. You provide incomplete details in a clumsy way that may jeopardize the case in future. On the other hand a verbal statement may not be as precise or thorough as compared with a written correspondence but it is more effective. Written statement can be sent later after consultation with your Personal Injury Lawyer in Coquitlam. Apart from that, it is impossible to rectify or expand your statement if it is recorded.

Be Polite but Firm

However, you must be very polite yet firm when you decline to the request of the insurance adjuster for a recorded statement. You may tell the claims adjuster that you are not very comfortable with such recording and that you may send a written correspondence when your statement is complete after consulting your Personal Injury Lawyer Coquitlam. Also make it a point that you do not give any details of the accident about how it happened and so on. Do not discuss any facts but simply stick to the basics that includes where and when, the type of accident and identity of witnesses.

Details of Injuries

Just like you should avoid speaking about the accidents saying that further investigation is still continuing, you must also refuse to provide details about your injuries as well. Instead you may say that every fact will be discussed at the right time.This right time is when you make a written demand for your compensation. This approach is followed to prevent any miss outs or further developments and discoveries that may be worse than you thought to be originally.